10 Plants that Shook the World
  • I'm excited to announce that the book I worked on this past Winter through Fall is now available for purchase.
    Can you guess the 10 Plants that Shook the World? I learned a lot while working on the 50 illustrations in this book written by Gillian Richardson. Each chapter focuses on a plant that has contributed to a major historical event. From The Boston Tea Party, the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Irish Potato Famine, The Civil War, to the invention of paper and rubber for automobiles, this book covers some devastating events and fascinating facts. Although this book is geared to ages 10-12, it really is fun for any age. 
    The people at Annick Press were a dream to work for and I enjoyed every step of the process. The book was beautifully designed by Natalie Olsen. You can now purchase this book all over the place, but HERE is a link if you're interesed. Thanks to Paula for being such a pleasure to work with! Here are a few examples of what's inside...
  • COTTON - The Lowell Mill Girls
  • COTTON - A Nation Divided by Slavery
  • COTTON - Forced Labor
  • COTTON - The Civil War
  • CINHONA - The Lewis & Clark Expedition and Malaria 
  • CINCHONA - Stealing the seedlings to export
  • CACAO - Cortés introduced to Montezuma and Chocolate
  • RUBBER - The Great Mayan Ball Game, played with a 10lb. rubber ball
  • RUBBER - The creation of synthetic rubber
  • POTATOES - The Irish Potato Famine
  • SUGARCANE - Slavery on the Plantations
  • SUGARCANE - Destroying natural habitats to plant Sugarcane
  • PEPPERCORN - The Journey on the Silk Road
  • TEA - The Boston Tea Party